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Ten Examples of Customized Software

While some organizations are still stuck with pre-made applications, others are benefiting from the flexibility of customized software. Companies like Amazon have adapted a custom software development model to make their operations more flexible and efficient. The company started out as a book seller but has since expanded to sell a variety of goods and services, including cars, electronics, music, and even home furnishings. Its products are easy to order online and provide exceptional customer service, but the company also uses custom software to collect data on consumer preferences. In addition to that, its website is capable of handling returns, which can be a major pain point for a customer.

Another example of customized software is gaming. Customized gaming software allows players to customize challenges by collecting the data needed to make the experience more personalized. Office Link 360, for example, enables applicants to enroll in medical specialties and courses, while facilitating performance tracking and communication. Since medical companies are highly sensitive to patient privacy, customized software is often used to track patient progress and to monitor performance. Listed below are ten examples of customized software.

Dashboards. These can be used by workers to manage energy costs. They can also include information on the last time a boiler was serviced. Dashboards can also contain diagrams and guides, and can be integrated into a paperless contract. In addition, these tools can also be part of digitally signed contracts, allowing customers to sign contracts virtually without requiring a paper copy. When a client signs an agreement, they are protected by the security of the customized software they are using.

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