Are Fashion Designers in Demand?

While the demand for fashion designers is increasing, employment growth is expected to be slow. Over the next newsurl decade, only about 2,300 new jobs will be created in this field. Most of those openings will be due to people leaving the workforce. If you are considering a career in fashion newsglo design, you should compare your job duties to those of other occupations in your field. The O*NET database is a good resource for this.

A career in fashion design involves designing clothing and accessories for consumers. Designers research pseudo current trends and predict future ones. They also study cultures and visit places to gain inspiration. They must be skilled in using graphics editing software and computer-aided design programs. They must also have a flair for creativity and be able to work with a savetoby variety of fabrics. The designs they create should be functional as well as fashionable.

Fashion designers create clothes, accessories, and footwear for a wide range of markets. Many of them work for apparel and accessory manufacturers and wholesalers, selling their creations to retailers, catalogs, and online stores. Some are self-employed, creating their webvan own line of clothing. These professionals typically need a bachelor’s degree to enter the field. Most employers seek candidates who have an aptitude for both creativity and technical knowledge of production processes.

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